Norland Magic Premium TITANIUM Non-Sticking Pan



  • People who eat the food will feel comfortable from head to foot with invigorating the spleen and promoting appetite.
  • Suitable for people suffering from cardiovascular disease.
  • Reduces the chances of growth of cancer cells
  • Preserves food nutrient and doesn’t paste.
  • Cuts down expenses on oil by 80%
  • Reduces excessive fat
  • Help prevent high blood pressure
  • Also suitable for stroke patient and an elderly one
  • The cornerstone of our health
  • For frying meat, fish etc with this frying pan does not require the use of oil, which makes it more economical for everyone.
  • Vegetable remains fresh and green after cooking thus preserving its natural taste, energy and appropriate nutrients we ought to derive from the food we cook to eat


Norland Magic Premium TITANIUM Non-Sticking Pan


Oil is a major source of fat. Most health-conscious persons tend to avoid fried foods because normally, one can’t fry without oil.
Now, the good news is, you can fry anything with absolutely no need for oil. You can still eat those foods you crave for without worrying about extra oil intake.

What’s special about this Norland pan?

Norland pan is made from 2500 ton forged aluminium, titanium and stainless steel with multiple health-safe coatings within that enhance the ‘non-stick’ function which prevents food from sticking to the surface and allows for easy cleaning. Its outer coating is made from protective eco-friendly porcelain triple coating which gives it its superb anti-scratch, anti-stain property. It also has a bakelite handle and flame guard which prevents your hands from burns.
You can cook that food with minimal time and be sure the nutrients in your food are still intact. Foods remain moist and even vegetables retain texture. Food doesn’t easily get dried, overcooked, or burnt. It thus reduces the chances of growth of cancer cells and reduces cholesterol.

How does it work?

Basically, almost everything we eat contains traces or some good amount of fat and oil. But mostly, we have been “frying oil in oil” and our bodies suffer. The technology behind this lovely product is such that allows for the oil content in the food to be extracted and used to fry the same food.

Using this wonderful cookware, you can be doubly sure you do not need any oil at all. So, besides economic value, its very suitable for the elderly, diabetic patient, people who just want to keep in good shape, in fact, just anybody.



      • Oil May Cause Conditions Including:
      • Cholesterol.
      • Heart disease and stroke.
      • High blood pressure.
      • Diabetes.
      • Some cancers.
      • Gallbladder disease and gallstones.
      • Osteoarthritis.
      • Gout.
      • Breathing problems, such as sleep apnea (when a person stops breathing for short episodes during sleep) and asthma.


    How To Use Magic Fry Pan


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