Immeri Adwelle Fruits and Grains Powdered Drink – 4g (Immer Plus)



  • Helps to ease bowel movement
  • Promotes healthy Skin and suppleness
  • Provides overall health and boosts the immune system
  • Anti-inflammatory and anti-tumour


Ferment, commonly known as enzyme, plays an extensive role as a catalyst in all living organisms. All metabolic activities in living organisms take place with the presence of enzyme as the catalyst.
Due to its absolute specificity, each enzyme will catalyze only one particular reaction, i.e. each enzyme has only one function. Hence, a combination of several enzymes exhibits greater functionality. Every single enzyme virtually regulates specific chemical reaction in human bodies and thus the presence of enzymes is crucial to ensure they function properly.
Without enzymes, organs are not able to function and, consequently, metabolic activities would not take place. Without enzymes, living organisms are not able to survive.


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