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Join our team to diversify your income streams and earn big in Ghana!

Norland Facts and Figures

Quick Info About Norland Ghana

  • Norland Ghana is a member of the Norland Group.
  • Norland Group is a Chinese company Founded in 2008.
  • Norland Industrial group is a large scale multinational industrial group which is involved in the health industry, medical cosmetology industry, direct selling industry and e-commerce industry.
  • Norland is involved in many other areas including health management, medical services, international logistics and finance.
  • The company adheres to the vision of “Build a global ecosystem of health and detoxification and make everyone benefit from health wisdom” and has taken a lead in health detoxification field.

What is Network Marketing?

Direct selling method in which independent-agents serve as distributors of goods and services, and are encouraged to build and manage their own sales force by recruiting and training other independent agents.

In this method, a commission is earned on both the agent’s own sales revenue, as well as on the sales revenue of the sales-force recruited by the agent and his or her recruits (called downline). Also called multilevel marketing (MLM), cellular marketing, or by other such names, it is a multi-billion dollar worldwide industry that distributes practically any portable item.

Norland Health Products

  1. GI Capsule (The Most Powerful Cell Repair Organic Product).
  2. Detox Pack.
  3. Vision Vital Capsules
  4. Calcium, Iron, Zinc Capsules
  5. Magic Pan.
  6. Nouripad Health Pads (For males and females).

And others, follow the link below for a full list.

Types of Norland Bonuses


  1. Sponsor Bonuses OR Start-Up Bonuses
  2. Group Bonuses
  3. Leadership Bonuses
  4. Repeat/Re-purchases Bonus
  5. Honourary Bonuses
  6. Benefit Bonuses

Steps to Join Norland



Attend a Business Presentation. Click Whatsapp Link or Chat 0245881054 to have a team member arrange a presentation with you. Understand the products and the compensation plan.


Decide which products you wish to have, as you will get health products to the value of your registration amount. Click HERE for full products list.


Based on your training (from Presentation), decide from which ENTRY LEVEL you wish to join Norland. Is it Senior Member, Bronze, Silver, Gold or Diamond?


Let your UPLINE (the person who introduced you to Norland) assist you with filling the registration.


Deposit your entry-level amount to Norland’s Bank Corporate Account.


Conclude your registration, get your chosen products and start making money from products sales, member registration and other 4 bonus options.

Norland’s ENTRY LEVELS/ PVs(Point Values)

Norland Group consists of Six Registration entry levels as displayed above:-

You can upgrade to the next level by purchasing the difference between your desired new level and the current level.

Bonus Types

Norland has created the perfect compensation plan that rewards everyone from the new member with little or no experience, all the way to the 7-figure per year superstars!

12 Powerful Income Streams

  • Retail Sales Profits
  • Retail Purchase Bonus
  • Product Voucher Bonus
  • Start-up Bonus
  • Group Bonus
  • Repeat Purchase Bonus
  • Leadership Bonus(Fast Term Dividends)
  • Leadership Bonus
  • Benefits Bonus/Incentives
  • Honorary Bonus (Long Term Dividends)
  • Honorary Bonus(Global Dividends)
  • Promotional Incentives(Cars, Travels, Laptops etc

1.Retail Sales Profit

NORLAND has amazing products that sell themselves, which makes it easy to find retail customers who will be thrilled to purchase from you. You can add any profit margin on the purchase price of all Norland products. You may sell part of your products you got during Registration or subsequent purchases to make Retail sales profits

This brings in more money or capital for more business. The good news is that you DECIDE your own Retails prices

2. Retail Purchase Bonus

Norland gives you a 20% bonus on the amount of all subsequent purchase you make after Registration. This bonus is paid on a monthly basis per Norland’s Bonus Calendar

3.Product Voucher Bonus

When you sponsor a new member into our business you will earn a Product Voucher equal to 25% of their first purchase (amounts they paid for their registration), and all of their upgrade purchases, until they have accumulated $3,500(Diamond membership) in personal purchases

*You will use these vouchers, which are paid weekly, to purchase products directly from your back office

4.Start-Up Bonus

You can earn a 1-time 50% Start-Up Bonus where your first two binary tree positions are filled, and again when you have two more positions on your 2nd level filled with at least 1-(A) leg, and 1-(B) leg.

Start-Up Bonus is equal to 50% of your lesser leg PV.IE: $850=560PVx50%=$280.00

*No matter what the purchase level is in the positions below you, you will be limited to only be able to earn 50% according to your personal purchase level. i.e. If you were at the $850 level and you had people purchase in at the $3,500 level, you would still only be able to earn a maximum of $280 twice (2 times) in Start-Up Bonus for those two 1st level people.
  • If you upgrade in the pay period a purchase is made, to the same level of those two purchases, then you can earn the Start-Up Bonus at that higher purchases level.
  • NB. *No personal sponsor requirement is needed in order to qualify for (SUB) Start-Up Bonus

5. Group Bonus

  • Group Bonus calculation does not include PVs used to calculate start-up bonus
  • One’s Entry level/Current Level determines what percentage(%) one earns on their lessor binary leg each week.
  • No personal sponsor requirement is needed to qualify for binary Group Bonus

6. Repeat Purchase Bonus

To build a long term residual income with a company it is important to have ongoing reorders to create that solid base.

NORLAND pays out an unheard of 12-generations of overrides on 100% of the PV generated from all Repent Purchases, and on 80% of the PV generated from all Retail Purchases.

Monthly Qualifications:

  • Buy $40.00(28PV) worth of Retail Products from your back office, or have more than $40.00 in your Repeat Purchase Account.
  • Must have two personally sponsored with one in your (A) Leg, and one in your (B) Leg. When you stop to figure out the potential income that can be earned from this income stream, it will blow your mind!!!
  • Example: This Repeat Purchase Bonus is driven by your sponsorship tree. So let’s just say you personally sponsor “10” people into our business, and of those “10” only “1” gets excited and builds a big global team. That “1” person alone could potentially earn you an absolute fortune down through 12 -generations!

7. Leadership Bonus (Fast Track Bonus)

Norland has created a fast track Bonus, based on personal purchase, that allows everyone from day one to start earning 1 to 3 generations of matching paychecks from our team’s weekly Group Bonus (binary) earnings!

Leadership bonus is based on SPONSOR TREE and RANKING.

SILVER members who have purchased $800 worth of products earn an 8% match on the binary paychecks earned by their personally sponsored downlines.

GOLD members have the potential to earn 8% match on their 1st Generation, and 5% match on their 2nd Generation.

DIAMOND members have the potential to earn 8% match on their 1st Generation, 5% match on their 2nd Generation and 5% match on their 3rd Generation

NB: Members can purchase more products at any time to upgrade and receive this SILVER, GOLD or DIAMOND Leadership Bonus

8. Leadership Bonus(Based On Performance)

Norland Leadership Bonus pays you on up to 9-generations of binary Group Bonus checks earned by your personal sponsorship tree. IE: You sponsor John = 8% check match, John sponsors Barry = 5% match, Barry sponsors Blessing = 5% match, Blessing sponsors Clay = 5% match….. Up to 9-generations of check match on your team’s weekly Group Bonus checks

Qualifications: Personally Sponsor 1-Left + 1-Right in binary, your lessor’s leg has accumulated 16,000PV in lifetime volume, with at least 3,500PV of that 16,000PV coming from the new volume that month.

  • You also have the ability to tap into these Leadership Bonus commissions based on your personal products purchases.

9. Benefits Bonus

The Incentives here are mainly Vehicles and Travel in nature. The formula used to calculate them are as follows:

(i) Trip Incentive = Personal Group performance Bonus/Total Qualified performance Bonus *1.5% of regional Total PV


1. Silver Medal and Above level members

2. From the following year maintain Silver Medal qualification for 6 consecutive months or three consecutive months twice in a calendar.

3. Buy monthly maintenance from the following month of Silver Medal qualification

(ii) Car Incentive = Personal Group Performance Bonus/Total Qualified Performance Bonus *% of Regional Total PV.


1. Silver Diamond and Above level members

2. From the following year, maintain Silver Medal qualification for 6 consecutive months or three consecutive months twice in a Calendar year.

3. Buy monthly maintenance from the following month of Silver Diamond qualification.

10. Honorary Bonus (Long Term Dividends)

Norland has set aside a significant amount of money into the honorary Bonus section of our compensation plan. It is available for all leaders reaching the rank of Gold Diamond and above.

  • GOLD DIAMOND – CROWN: are entitled to share in 2% Honorary Bonus 1% – Based on your personal portion of all Africa PV. 1% – Shared equally with all African ranking members.


Have personally purchased, or upgraded to the $3,500 Diamond level. Maintain at least 48,000 in new monthly PV in your lessor’s leg for a period of three consecutive months. This monthly earning bonus applies to anyone who holds the rank of Gold Diamond through Crown.

11. Honorary Bonus (Global Dividends)

Norland has pulled out all the stops for those who reach the rank of red Diamond and above, by placing 1% of the worldwide PV into pools that are only shared by superstars!


  • Red Diamond through Double Crown, share 4% of Global PV based on their personal team’s percentage of total Global PV.
  • Yellow Diamond through Double Crown, share 3% of Global PV based on their personal team’s percentage of total Global Pv
  • Crown and Double Crown, share 2% of Global PV based on their personal team’s percentage of total Global PV.
  • Double Crowns, share 1% of Global PV based on their personal team’s percentage of total Global PV

12. Promotional Incentives/Packages

Norland runs various promotions aimed at rewarding partners with cars, trips, laptops, television sets etc. Normally these promotions are valid for a specified time and frame and require partners to achieve certain performance benchmarks.

Always check your back office for details of these promotions.